Monday, February 1, 2010

Synopsis of last 6 weeks...

Brynn got a kitchen for Christmas. Sarah got clothes. I got the Daniel Moore Print, "The Interception", which Antonio Langham picks off a pass in the 1992 SEC Championship Game.

Sarah and I went to Pasadena to the BCS National Championship Game with Robert and Sara Pate, Jeff and April Coleman and Jonathan Brewer. We ate like kings, enjoyed the sites and watched Alabama claim its 13th national title.

Basketball season ended for me with a 3rd place finish for our girls. Golf season begins on Feb. 22 and I am looking forward to coaching an outside sport. Plus, I get to play a ton of free golf.

Brynn is now a walking machine. She started walking when we were in Pasadena. She has not slowed down since. There are a lot more bumps and bruises during this stretch of her life, but she is proving to be a fast learner. She is also becoming much more vocal, as we are now beginning to understand what more of her sounds mean. Her latest word is Baby. She does not have it perfected, but says Ba when she sees a picture of herself.

We are in the process of welcoming two new additions to our group of friends in the next few weeks. Tara and Scott are bringing Parker into our lives, while Jeff and April are giving us a Kate. Our gatherings are awfully crowded right now, but are going to get more exciting in the next six weeks.

Right now, I am counting down the days until Spring Break. Not counting today, I only have 29 more days to teach until I get a week off!!!

Hopefully, I will be much more faithful in updating our blog in the near future. You never know what changes are in store for our family.