Sunday, July 31, 2011

One Month and McWane Center

It is hard to believe Aubrey is already one month old (actually almost 6 weeks old). She is growing so fast. She had a great one month checkup and a much bigger girl than her sister. She loves to be held and is becoming more alert everyday. She is going to be a tough child, because of her big sister who loves on her too much sometimes. The other day Aubrey was enjoying her swing. I looked away for only a few seconds and then turned back to see Brynn sitting on Aubrey in the swing. Thankfully Aubrey was okay, she looked at me like she was saying "help me mommy". After a stern talk, I don't think it will happen again.

We still can't decide who Aubrey looks like.

My parents, brother and I took the girls to the McWane Center in Birmingham. We started the morning off with a great breakfast at Cracker Barrel. We all had a great time at the McWane Center. Brynn loved every minute of it and Aubrey enjoyed being strolled around.

Brynn always likes to slide.
Playing in the water.
Aubrey had a great time too!
Mommy and Brynn seeing how face they could go in a wheelchair.
Playing with the bubbles. Another one of Brynn's favorite things.
We even got to pet a shark.    

Checking out the fish.    

Of course my camera went dead at this point. After a few hours of playing, my mom and brother took Brynn to an IMAX movie. Dad and I took Aubrey home. This was the first movie Brynn has ever seen in a theater. She was a little scared at first, but ended up enjoying the show. If you ask her about the movie she'll say "Me scared".

Matt is back in China and we miss him already. We are counting down the days until we get to join him. We will be leaving on August 15th. We have had a wonderful summer, but are ready to get back into the swing of things in China.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Big Sister

Brynn has had an exciting summer. Here are a few things that have kept her busy this summer:

Her favorite weekly activity is going to church. She loves her Sunday School class. Last week we bought Brynn her very own Bible (she picked a pink one). 

Brynn has also enjoyed cooking with both of her grandmothers. She isn't the neatest cook, but has a blast. She has made some excellent cupcakes and cookies.

Brynn has attended several of her friends birthday parties. She has been to a pirate party, pool party and water slide party.

We spent a day on the River with our friend's the McKnights. Brynn has been asking to ride a boat since we went to Thailand. 

Mr. Billy even let her drive!

  Brynn's beloved gigi (pacifer) is now gone. I thought is would be so hard to take it away, but it turned out to be so easy. Matt put her to bed one night and told her the gigi's are gone. That was the end of that!

Brynn has turned into a little fish this summer. She has no fear of water.

Brynn is a great big sister. She "helps" out a lot. She loves to hug and kiss her sister and gives her a pacy when she cries.
Her like for Dora the Exlporer has turned into an obsession. In China we had one Dora DVD, we now have several Dora DVDs, a doll, sunglasses, sippy cups, rings, a coloring book and even a Dora Sofa at Lulus

 Living in China we are use to fireworks, so I knew Brynn would love the 4th of July. She went with Papa, Lou Lou, Aunt Faith and several Great Aunts to our towns 4th Celebration. She had a wonderful time.

Despite the heat we are enjoying as much of the sun and blue skies as we can. We are making up for a year of not seeing either. We love green grass and fun clean playgrounds with slides and swings.