Friday, August 5, 2011

Painting for Daddy

Brynn and I made finger paints yesterday. I found a  recipe on Pinterest. (Warning about is very addicting, so if you don't have time don't go there!) I asked Brynn who her first masterpiece was for and she said Daddy.

This is for you daddy!

After painting we took a little walk. It was actually a bit cooler yesterday and we were able to get outside without burning up. It started to rain and Brynn decided she would ride her horse. She had a blast!

We can't leave out Aubrey. Here are a few pictures of our sweet little girl. She misses her daddy, especially from about 9-10 pm when she refuses to go to sleep. She is a night owl like her dad.

Brynn decided her baby needed to nap with Aubrey in her bouncy.