Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Brynn started her Valentine's Day with Oatmeal and Sprinkles. It is amazing how sprinkles can turn a plain breakfast into a blast for our almost three-year old.

Aubrey was waiting for a bite of oatmeal with sprinkles but had to settle for her baby cereal.

The girls enjoyed their Valentine pajamas courtesy of Nana.

At this point of the day, Aubrey had not stolen one of Brynn's toys, thus the Valentine's Love!

Since Matt was not able to take me out for Valentines, he enjoyed a McDonald's lunch date with Brynn followed by playtime in his classroom and library. Brynn even picked out a special outfit for the occasion.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thailand Favorites...

Matt's Favorites
1. Lemongrass deep fried chicken with chili and lemon juice
2. Banana Pancakes with Peanut Butter
3. Thai Oil Massages
4. Spring Rolls
5. People watching on beach

Sarah's Favorites
1. Not having to cook or clean
2. Getting to read  five books
3. Fresh fruit shakes
4. Yummy stir fries and banana pancakes
5. Getting to see Aubrey pull up/crawl and watching Brynn swim/potty train

Brynn's Favorites
1. Making sand castles
2. Swimming in the water
3. Watching the boats
4. Playing with Nana
5. Riding elephants

Aubrey's Favorites
1. Eating sand
2. Wearing onesies, not multiple layers
3. Riding in her princess float in pool
4. Taking naps on a beach chair
5. Fresh smashed bananas

Day 31 and 32

Sarah and I thought it might be nice to share some comparison pictures of our Thailand trips over the past two years. The first pictures in each pair are 2011 and followed by 2012.

Immigration/Visa Issue: Having never been on vacation for 30 days, Sarah and I were not familiar with the rules and regulations. In my head, I thought we were only staying 30 days since we left on December 27 and returned January 27. In reality, we actually stayed 32 days. Thai law only allows a visitor to stay 30 days without getting a Visa extension. Sarah and I did not know this rule. Thanks to a friend from Chengdu for catching the error, we realized it two days before our Thai visa expired.

I checked with the front desk of our hotel and they sent us to immigration headquarters in a town about 30 minutes away. Upon arrival, I notice tons of people from all nations. We find our way to the top floor and seek help at the info desk. He gives me a packet of papers and sends me downstairs to the copier. I make the needed copies and then head to the appropriate desk. After waiting in this line, I find my way to the front only to be informed that I do not have passport pictures. We are sent back down to the first floor for pictures. After waiting in yet another long line, we get our pictures and head back up. Again, I wait in the same line for a second time. Finally, I get to the front and get the paperwork cleared. Thinking I am finished, I breathe a sigh of relief. Nope, I am told that I must wait in another line for my payment to be cleared. This takes another 10 minutes. After about 90 minutes and a rather large headache, we are cleared to stay in Thailand for 7 extra days.

During all of this, the girls are behaving well. Aubrey is being stared at by all the Thai people and foreigners. For a two-year old in a confined area, Brynn is actually behaving for the most part. Then this little terror of a boy strikes. He is about 3-4 years old. On the top floor, he is harassing Aubrey. He actually hits her on top of the head. He follows us from the top floor to the bottom floor and will not leave Brynn alone. He keeps getting in her face, touching her face and pushing her. At first, I tell him to go away because Brynn does not find it funny or amusing. It eventually leads to her running from him which is not OK with me. Finally, Brynn runs in between my legs and latches on, but the boy keeps coming. When he gets up to us, my protective parenting takes over. I actually place my hands on the child and shove him away. The mother realizes we are done and grabs him and does not let him bother us again. Luckily, he did not have a large dad who took offense to my discipline.

*** Well, it wasn't actually a shove of the child but a gentle guide away from my children to his mother. In my head, the child would have received a stern spanking!