Thursday, March 15, 2012

Field Trip

Matt's school went on a field trip to the nearby Jinsha Site. Brynn, Aubrey and I got to tag along and we had a great time. The school's choir performed and we enjoyed part of the museum's cultural show. Afterwards, the entire school participated in a scavenger hunt around the Jinsha grounds.

Aubs is dressed and ready to go!

 Brynn helped Daddy's team by going through the obstacle course.

 She made it through without touching any ropes!

Brynn stole the team flag and made herself leader of Matt's team. No wonder they won! The team was awarded with a "no homework" pass. Brynn got to watch a Disney Movie as her reward :) There are no action shots of Aubrey. She was not into the trip and decided to nap the whole time!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Brynn Turns Three

On February 28th, Brynn turned three years old. She really got into her birthday this year and the anticipation was fun. The only hiccup was a last minute request for a Princess Dora Mermaid cake.

Our birthday girls is all smiles. 

 Brynn decked out in her new princess roller blades and protective gear. She has actually gotten pretty good. I'll have to post some video of her in action soon!

Brynn wanted to dress as Princess Dora Mermaid for the special occasion.

Daddy, Mommy and LuLu did their best on the cake. Where was Leann Cooper when we needed her?

Brynn enjoyed her friends coming over for her party, but was worn out by nights end.

Aubrey enjoyed Brynn's party as well, but I think LuLu enjoyed it more as she was on baby duty for the night.

No matter how the cake looked, it tasted great going down.

Next years party is already in the planning process. Brynn has discussed themes such as Cinderella or Ni Hao Kai Lyn. Mrs.Cooper will not be able to get out of cake duties next year!