Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tibet and Everest

Here are some photographs of my trip with the CDIS Senior class to Tibet and Mt. Everest...

This was the view within five minutes of takeoff from Chengdu. Pollution keeps us from these amazing views.

The team (minus Alvin) arrives at the airport.

Many of the "sacred" objects throughout the streets of Lhasa.

Thanks to these incent smokers, the town of Lhasa was not lacking in the fragrance department.

The view from our favorite restaurant of the trip.

The team at Potala Palace (Alvin included). 

China makes sure the flag is front and center.

Dedication from a Tibetan Buddhist.

A view of Lhasa.

Prayer wheels

This boy received a "health" blessing from a monk. The black smudge on the nose is the sign placed on his body.

Hyundai Santa Fe receiving a monk blessing.

Tibetan Man

Tibetan girl

Tibetan woman with her prayer beads and prayer spinner

The Tibetan Buddhists in Lhasa are "Yellow Hats"

My first view of Mt. Everest

Luckily the clouds stayed away early int he morning.

Our second view of Mt. Everest

The clouds begin to roll-in and make our trek to Base Camp seem like a bad idea.

God had other ideas and the clouds vanished... What a view!!!

Pictures do not do the magnitude of Mt. Everest justice.

I am almost taller than Mt. Everest from this view.

The team at Mt. Everest minus Alice, Rosemary and Eun Song.

The guys joined me in removing our shirts at Everest. Joy was not allowed to look!

The name of Everest to the locals.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Night Night

The Perdue house has been battling a nasty stomach bug.  Brynn's bug hit on our "fun" family night out Friday. I am pretty sure we are permanently banned from Decathlon (sporting goods store), Pizza Hut and a taxi. Aubrey was the next victim, but bounced back quickly.  Last night Matt became our third victim. We need him him to get well for his trip to Tibet and Mount Everest. He is leaving Saturday morning. I am praying I get skipped this time around!

I found this  video Matt took of Aubrey the other day. It made me smile today (which I needed between grumpy kids, sick husband and tons of laundry). She showing off her new trick!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Playground and Holiland

I can't believe we are in our last few weeks in China. I want to post more about our everyday life, so I won't forget and can come back to the blog and remember our time in China.

A normal, warm weather day for us is spent outside. After Aubrey's morning nap, we usually load up the double stroller and head out.

Today we went to Matt's school and enjoyed some time on the playground. Brynn and her friend Peyton played in the sandbox and Aubrey chased a butterfly (it was sooo cute).

We enjoyed a rather random picnic lunch of boiled eggs, raisins, crackers and an apple, which we all shared. There were slim pickings today and thankfully I will go on our bi-weekly shopping trip tomorrow to Auchan and Metro.

Since our lunch was pretty sad, we stopped by our favorite bakery, Holiland, on our way home. I counted 8,  and I am not exaggerating, bakery/sweet/juice shops on our fifteen minute walk home. China is a funny place!

Yes, those are puffy wet eyes you see on Brynn. She was not happy about leaving the playground. She got to choose her treat and it was no surprise she picked the pink, pig cake. The other ear is already in her mouth. They are called cakes, but they are not sweet at all. To me they don't taste nearly as good as they look.

Here is the after picture. She said "My pig made me happy".

 Aubrey shared a berry smoothie with Mommy.

 That made her happy too!


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday in Zhonghai

Aubrey's favorite toy is becoming her pink ball. Along with saying mama, dada, bye bye, she can now say ball. Matt will tell her to go get her ball and she will find it anywhere in the house.

The Hong Qi is our local convenient store. We typically get our bottled waters and soft drinks at this one before dining on Korean and Noodles/Rice.

Waiting on our Korean dishes after soccer practice.

Matt's favorite dish in China. It is basically Chicken Fried Rice but comes EXTREMELY spicy and with fermented black beans!

Matt's third bottled water!

Brynn's favorite Korean dish is Gimbap or

Sarah's favorite dish is Bi Bim Bop or

Aubrey enjoys riding in the front of the double stroller, so she can take in all the views. She is also not able to pull Brynn's hair like she does when she rides in the back.

The best part of Brynn's soccer game is her dribbling skills.

Brynn scores a goal!!!