Thursday, April 29, 2010

Softball Update and Moving Update...

The O2 Ministries extended their undefeated season to four games on Tuesday night with a 17-13 victory over Vineyard (2). O2 struggled out of the gate, actually trailing for much of the game. O2 erupted for 10 runs in the last inning to pull away. Brian Crow hit the only long ball of the game. The return of Jarrett Sheppard strengthened the outfield defense. O2 returns to action tonight at 6:15 (Bowers).

Sarah, Brynn and I plan on being out of our house by next weekend (fingers crossed). We have sold almost everything and plan to sell more at a garage sell this weekend. We will be moving in the with the Storms. Ryan has volunteered to live in the 5th-wheel for the next few weeks. It will be crowded, but we are blessed to have a free place to stay for 2 months.

Thanks to everyone for helping us move. Especially to our parents, Heath and Leanne, Calvin and Trish!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Softball Update...

The O2 Ministries's softball team has finished the first three games of their season with a 2-0-1 record.

After crushing the Vineyard (2) in its first contest, 02 suffered the dreaded TIE in their second game, 13-13 to Daystar. 02 led most of the game, but the absence of a 10th player (Jeff Coleman let the entire team down), hurt the team's defense and yielded some unearned runs late. 02 had a chance to win the game defensively, but errors by Bryan Crow and Matt Perdue gave them the tying runs.Offensively, Clint Hamner and Nathan Hannah swung the big sticks with a two long balls from Hamner and one dinger from Hannah.

O2 proved the tie was a fluke by knocking off Union Chapel Methodist last night 22-13. Offensively, 02 scored 22 runs by stringing together singles, doubles and triples. Every player provided a good night at the plate, with Hamner launching one home run. Again, errors cost O2 as the game was kept from being a total blowout by missing flyballs, ground balls and errant throws.

O2 has a week off as leagues are swapped around. The second part of the season will start in two weeks. O2 will benefit from the break, as it allows all-star centerfielder Jarrettt Sheppard to return from his busy work schedule and shore up the outfield, while providing an all-around offensive attack!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

O2 Ministries cruises to victory...

My final softball season, for the forseeable future anyway, started last night with a BANG! O2 Ministries knocked off the Vineyard (2) by a score of 23-4. The game ended in the fourth inning due to the mercy rule.

Clint Hamner and Brian Crow went deep for the victors with Hamner's blast, a grand slam. Nathan Hannah returned to his past form of excellence on the mound by keeping hitter's off balance for four innings. Crow led the defense with excellent play at SS. His brother, Brad, also had an excellent game at 3rd base. Hamner made a couple of tough catches in Left-center.

O2 Ministries returns to action on Thursday at 7:15 against Daystar.

Personally, I played second base and notched an out at first base on the only ground ball hit my way. At the plate, I went 3-for-4 with two singles and a double. I was just a few feet away from hitting my first homer in a few years as I cleared the OF fence, but the ball went just foul!