Sunday, June 26, 2011

Aubrey Pictures...

Brynn spending time with her little sister for the first time!

Aubrey's first bath without tears!!

Brynn holding her little sister for the first time!

Time to leave the hospital in her car seat!

The family all together and ready to head home!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Aubrey arrives...

Sarah and I went to the doctor for her 39 week check-up this morning. She had not progressed since the last visit. After talking with the doctor, we decided that if we did not go by next Wednesday, we would look into induction. In our minds, we expected to welcome Aubrey next week.

Sarah felt a little off all day. Around 3:30 PM, she began to have contractions. They occurred every 20 minutes. We did not think anything of it and went about our night. Around 7:30, the contractions were coming much quicker. We decided to call the doctor. She told us to wait an hour and see if they continue at this rate and intensity. After about 20 minutes, Sarah was laying on the floor in pain. Brynn was a great care taker as she gave her plenty of hugs and kisses. We knew it was time to go and sent Brynn to my parents for the night. We arrived at the hospital at 8:35PM. They hooked Sarah up to the machines and the contractions were intense. They measured her and she was 6 centimeters. They put her into a wheelchair and placed us in our room about 9:15PM. Drugs were supposed to be on the way, but never arrived.

From this point on, everything turned into a blur. Over a 25-minute period, nurses were in and out. Sarah was letting us know that she wanted the baby out of her body! I was in a state of shock, as I did not know what was going on. About 9:30PM, Sarah said she wanted to push and the nurse told her to go with it. After one push, we could see the babies head come out. Sarah declared that she had given birth. The doctor reminded her that only her head was out and we needed another push. Sarah pushed again and Aubrey Rae was birthed at 9:40PM.

I was snapping pitchers with one hand and videotaping with the other. Both our mothers were able to witness her birth. Both grandfathers and great grandmother were allowed in the room within minutes. Aunt Faith and Uncle Ryan showed up eventually! Heath and Leanne stopped by, as Heath wanted his final birthday present which was to hold Aubrey, who now shares his birthday!

Brynn has not met Aubrey yet. We did not want to wake her from a dead sleep. We decided to wait until this morning and make a big deal of the big sister, little sister union.

Aubrey was 20 1/4 inches long. She weighed 7 pounds, 11 ounces. Sarah was in great spirits and very little pain after the birth. Our first night in the hospital wasn't too bad either. The staff has been great and we even slept for about 2 hours.

I will post a bunch of pictures later today. I do not have the cord to my camera with me, but will get it when I go home to shower.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Update #1...

1. Aubrey MIA: Even though our due date is still 12 days away, we would not be disappointed if Aubrey decided to join us early. So far, she is staying warm and cozy in Sarah's belly. We are going to the doctor tomorrow and will find out if we are making any progress. We have everything prepared for her arrival, just waiting on nature to take its course.

2. Matt Update: Since I arrived in Tuscaloosa, things have been going great. I have got to play golf and softball. I was extremely rusty at both endeavors, but did not embarrass myself! I enjoyed getting to watch the NBA Finals and Atlanta Braves in HD. I have gotten my share of hot wings and BBQ while enjoying desserts from my mother. It has been great seeing family and friends. My sister has her tickets booked to visit Chengdu during Xmas and we are stoked!

3. Sarah Update: This pregnancy has been much easier for Sarah. The heat in Tuscaloosa has been tough, but we are staying inside during the middle of the day. She has enjoyed getting to spend extended time with her parents and brother. She has also been taking extra time with Brynn as our days of a trio are coming to an end.

4. Brynn Update: Brynn is loving Alabama more than any of us! Brynn has gotten to swim on numerous occasions. She has gotten to play with plenty of children her own age thanks to friends and family. She has loved going to Sunday School and Children's Church. Today, she went to the public library for a toddler play day. She is slowly warming up to the idea of having a baby sister. Instead of everything being "mine", she is starting to place some possession for "baby aubey". 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Random Thoughts...

Since Sarah has not updated our blog since she returned to the States, I thought I might share some random thoughts of mine since I have been living alone in China for the past three weeks.

Zombie Outbreak: I am a huge fan of zombies, whether it be movies, tv shows or video games. I often plan strategies for surviving a zombie outbreak. After much careful plan, I have come to the conclusion that I will not survive if a zombie outbreak occurs while I am in China. First off, there are just too many people. Chengdu has over 12 million people. It will be hard to make yourself scarce with that many neighbors. Secondly, firearms are not allowed. Zombies can be taken down with one shot to the head (must penetrate the brain). We have Air Soft Guns, which are fun for shooting rowdy high school kids, but will not take out a zombie brain. Finally, I do not know the terrain well enough to find good hiding spots, food or allies. I could hold out in my apartment, but would eventually run out of food and water. I could flee to the countryside, but do not know my way around. Hopefully, I will be back in Alabama before a zombie outbreak occurs.

Bachelor Life: I have been a bachelor in China for the past few weeks and it SUCKS!!! I believe that I might actually take Sarah for granted at times. Evidently, my clothes do not magically get washed and appear in my closet. Also, the Supper Fairy does not bring food when Sarah is not here. Once Sarah left, I thought I would stay up late watching movies and playing video games. I might even start sleeping past 7 AM. Wrong... I go to bed around 9PM and usually wake up at 6:15AM without an alarm. Needless, I am ready to be reunited with my wife, even if she is extremely pregnant, emotional and hormonal!!

Brynn: Skype is an amazing technological invention. It has allowed us to keep Brynn familiar with friends and family despite being thousands of miles apart. It has also allowed me to see Brynn on a daily basis while we are apart. Some days she can't get enough of me on the computer. She will get mad at Sarah if she tries to talk to me. She has to be in front of the computer. Other days, I do not exist. We can't get her to come to the computer (even for a bribe). I have enjoyed allowing her treats even when her mother says NO. The other day, Brynn wanted cheese. Sarah said NO because it was too late. She looked at daddy on Skype and I gave her a big fat YES!! Sarah was not happy, but Brynn loved her daddy even more. My favorite Skype moments are Brynn's hugs. She wraps her arms around the computer. All I can see is a big blur, but I know it is the my little B loving on her daddy.

Beach or No Beach: Mancation 2011 takes place in Destin the weekend that I return to Alabama. Scott (PE), Jonathan, Jeff and Robert are heading to the beach. Mancation 2010 was in Atlanta, just a couple of weeks before we left for China. With the dates working out perfectly, I will not miss the trip... OR WILL I? Sarah is due on June 27. So far, she has not made any progress. We are going to be five hours away. Can I make it back in time if she goes into labor? Does Sarah's blessing to attend the trip come with any strings attached? Is it a test to see if I will actually go? These are things that must be sorted out over the next few days!!

Return Home: Here is a list of things that I am looking forward to doing when I return (no particular order)...
1. BBQ- Dreamland, Archibalds or Moes, I do not care. I need some good Southern BBQ!!
2. Golf: Scott better be ready because we are going to own some golf courses this summer. While may game may suck with a year away, I do not care. There is not a better feeling than being on the course with one of your best friends!
3. Family: I miss my mommy! As Sarah can attest, I am a momma's boy. This the longest that I have gone without seeing my parents. I do not like it!! I can't wait to just hang out at their house and grill hot dogs/burgers on the porch.
4. Friends: The Colemans, Anders, Pates, Coopers and Brewer(hopefully this name will be plural one day) need to get ready for some quality time with Matt. I miss my friends dearly and can't wait to sit around and catch up on all the happenings of the past 10 months.
5. Swen: I plan to share a few meals with my father at our favorite Chinese restaurant. I am tired of Chinese food, but for novelty sake, I will return on occasion to see my old pals in Northport!
6. Sarah, Brynn and Aubrey: Even though I said no particular order, this is NO 1. I can't wait to see my two favorite girls in the Atlanta airport on Monday night. I can't wait to feel Aubrey kick in Sarah's belly! I miss my girls!!!

Perdue OUT