Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Bringing Home Baker Part 1 (Day 3)

The Perdues went their separate ways today...

Sarah and Brynn spent the day finding fun things to do around the city. They started by visiting a park with a fun playground. Next, the girls toured the city zoo and the botanical gardens. where Brynn loved seeing all the animals and plants. The girls ended their afternoon at a phenomenal Children's Museum. Brynn learned all about culture, recycling, animal care, fashion, braille, physical handicaps and journalism. Even though she is missing a week of school, she is gaining valuable cultural learning experiences.

I was able to accomplish a major travel bucket list goal. Today, I visited the DMZ or demilitarized zone that separates South and North Korea. 

The large building in the background is in North Korea. 

He is a real guard, not a statue. He never moves and wears sunglasses to look more intimidating.

One side of the table is South Korea and the other side of the table is North Korea. I got to set my feet on North Korea.

Tonight, we went to a clothing market. It reminded us of the many markets we visited during our time in China. We bought all three girls a traditional Korean outfit called a Hanbok.

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